More than just Websites

More than … just websites, just what it says, I can help you create and host your own website but I do more than that.  Here are a few areas where I can provide support.

I can help you work with Social media. Do you want to set up a business Facebook or Twitter page, want to know more about Linkedin, google+, youtube, instagram and many others?   I can help you with all aspects of media and what ones could work for you.

I can help you set up Email to get the most out of it and help you with any problems with it. I can also help you in other ways with IT issues and problems.

I can help you get more out of your Website with marketing and getting it found on search engines (SEO) which means customers finding you!

Don’t know where to start, give me a call 07980 773334 or email me

What makes a great website

  • A Great Domain Name
  • The Right Type of Website
  • Visitor-Focussed Website
  • A Website that will be found
  • Quick Updates
  • Social media
  • CMS and basic Training
  • Quality Web Hosting
  • Smartphone and Tablet friendly
  • The Best Email
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Getting Results from your Website