Search engine Optermisation

This is such a misunderstood topic that we devoted a whole page to it. Search Engine Optermisation known as SEO for short is the fuel for websites.  Without it search engines (Google, Yahoo and the others) can’t see the page or not very clearly and therefore it won’t show up on searches so your customers might have difficulty finding your page and therefore can’t find your information.  By carrying out SEO work this makes your page more visible to the search engines and therefore more visible to customers and hopefully result in more sales.

So how is this done?

There are many things that can be done to make you page more visible to these search engines.

  • Keywords research – One of the trickiest and hardest thing to accomplish is finding the right keywords for your site and pages.  You need to think like your customers, if they were looking for your site what words might they use to look for it, it sounds simple, but it can be a challenging excersise and I can help you with this.  These need to be regularly reviewed to check which words and phrases are being used and which are most effective for getting your website ‘out there’.
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEF) – Search engines need to be able to catalogue or index  your page correctly and in order for them to do this a website needs to have the correct structure and the codes within the website are correct.
  • Competitive analysis – It is possible to find out how far up a search websites are being listed.  Search engines can be queried to find out information on specific websites for competitors and in this you can see what websites have in them that mean they are doing well in searches.