Domain names

What are domain names and how do I get one? Domain names are website names, the bit after the www. You pay for this when you first register your chosen name, and then renew the subscription every one or two years. If you already have a domain name please check it is registered to you, search for a whois and enter your domain name. If you haven’t got one yet get in touch as the name you choose could reflect your ability to get found by search engines, I offer a free domain name checker and can advise on your best options and can purchase them in your name and handle all renewals.

Domain names are really important and should really reflect what you do.  It is tempting to have a name that is quirky and is personal to you, but if you are a customer are you going to look for a name that was the name of your first pet gerbil aged 3.  As with so many things in web development and web site management, think about what the customer will be looking for when they are looking for you, creativity in a name is great but an obscure creative name might just work against you in terms of getting your website seen.